Upcoming Events

Northwoods Neighborhood 3rd Annual Spring Meet and Greet

All Northwoods property owners and their families from sections 1-5 are invited to attend the 3rd Annual Meet and Greet on Saturday, June 8th at the main park and boat ramp located in section 1.  Food will be served from 2p-4p.  Come early, stay late.

We will have a BBQ and potluck.  Brisket, pulled pork and drinks will be provided. We are asking everyone who attends to bring a dish to pass and include a recipe card (optional) so that anyone who would like the recipe can take a picture of it. 

There will be at least 2 raffles and games for everyone to play.

Please RSVP, if you haven't already and let us know the number of people

To RSVP or if you have any questions, contact us at:
Send an email to
Text 936-714-3311
Reply on Facebook Northwoods POA

We will need people for:
1. Set-up - starting between 11a and 11:30am
2. Help out during the event
3. Clean-up

Hope to see you all there!!

POA Board Meeting
11:00am Saturday, July13th @ Point Blank Community Center
All property owners are encouraged to attend!


POA Property Owners Meeting
2:00pm Saturday, Nov. 9th
@Point Blank Community Center


If you are interested in planning, volunteering and/or contributing to any event, please send us an email at 

or contact us on Facebook at


Remember it's never too late to pay dues.